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June 29, 2018

How to Send the Perfect Thank You Gift

How to Send the Perfect Thank You Gift
“Thank you” bouquets are the perfect way to express your gratitude.  Florious, your online florist providing long-lasting, luxury flowers, suggests these three things to keep in mind when you order a bouquet.

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June 22, 2018

Why Choose Florious for your Flower Deliveries and Subscriptions?

Why Choose Florious for your Flower Deliveries and Subscriptions?
At Florious, we pride ourselves on offering unique bouquets of only the freshest in-season flowers.  Our bouquets often incorporate herbs and beautiful foliage. Luxury flowers for every order are sourced individually and bouquets are designed and hand-tied at our studio in Jersey City, New Jersey.  All of our bouquets are delivered upright and ready for you to place in a vase of fresh water where they will look good from every angle.  Besides local delivery in Jersey City and Hoboken, we also ship overnight to points in the Northeast from Boston to Washington, DC, including New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.  Think of us as your personal online florist and discover the difference of a gorgeous Florious bouquet

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December 02, 2017

Tips and Tricks to be Everybody's Favorite Guest and Host This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and that mean it's time to entertain! Whether you are hosting one or attending an event, we've got some great tips to be a great guest and host this season!

1. To score MVP Status as a Guest – Send flowers to arrive before you do. Chances are, your host is a little bit stressed out with party details so why not send a bouquet a day or two before the party?  It gives your host one less thing to worry about picking up or ordering for the party, and gives them time to find the perfect place for your arrangement, rather than shoving it somewhere while they finish carving the turkey, pouring the wine, and chatting up the other guests.


2. To Make Sure That Your Space is Ready to Wow – You’ve hidden the clutter, cleaned every surface, stocked up on utensils, paper goods, snacks and drinks, so now it’s time for the finishing touches. A wreath on the door is a great way to great your guests and set the holiday tone before they even enter the party, and a beautifully laid table with a stunning centerpiece will draw them in.  If we had to choose our favorite spot for flowers when we’re entertaining, though, it would definitely be the guest bathroom.  It’s a nice surprise in a room that we often forget about once it’s clean, and everybody ends up there eventually, so they’ll definitely be noticed!


3. To Set an Insta-Worthy Table –Who doesn’t want their guests oohing, aahing, and snapping selfies with their table? While your table style will vary according to your space and personality, there are definitely a few elements to include that will make this year’s holiday table next level.

Actually Set a Full Place Setting – Glassware, dinnerware flatware, a napkin fancily folded with the help of a youtube video – style each place setting ahead of time. It feels more sophisticated than just grabbing a plate to eat and definitely sets your tone.

Mix and Match – Don’t be afraid to use a seasonal salad plate with your regular service, or (our favorite trick) have your water glass be a different color than your wine glasses. Have two china patterns?  Mix the dinner plate from one and the salad plate from another at one place setting and then switch it up on the seat next to it. It makes the table more interesting and lends dimension to those insta-pics.


Don’t Forget the Flowers – Have a centerpiece, or a few small arrangements interspersed with votive candles on the table to elevate your look and bring the season to the table. They will guarantee those likes on social media!  We love to include elements like fresh herbs in our centerpieces for texture and to whet guests’ appetites with the scent before anything is served.  Pro-tip: If you’re serving family-style, lay your serving dishes out with the flowers the night before to make sure that you have the right spacing.

Choose a finishing touch – Place cards, a printed menu, napkin rings, Christmas crackers – finish off your table with something that personalizes it and lets you show off your personality and creativity!


We've got everything you need to own this holiday season at MyFlorious.com, so get your holiday orders out of the way today!

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