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April 28, 2017

Flower Obsessed - Lisianthus Love

Flower Obsessed - Lisianthus Love

You probably recognize it, though you may not know its name, and this month we're obsessed with it - Lisianthus!

There are actually lots of colloquial names for lisianthus - from Bluebells to Prairie Gentian and Lira de San Pedro.  They are native to Texas and Mexico, and originate from a North American wildflower, but we source lisianthus from all over the world!  From California and Canada, to Israel, to Japan!

We love lisianthus' ruffley, delicate petals and the natural shapes their stems take.  The flowers come in whites, creams, greens, pinks, purples and bi-colors, and we're fans of all of them!  

It's said that lisianthus can symbolize an outgoing nature and appreciation, and we appreciate how long they last in a vase arrangement - often nearly two weeks!  We use lisianthus quite often in our arrangements, so click here to check them out!

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