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May 19, 2017

It's Graduation Season - Don't Forget the Flowers!

It's Graduation Season - Don't Forget the Flowers!

From the bouquets received when we are born, to the corsages and boutonnieres we give each other at proms and special events, to the flowers at our weddings, flowers mark some of the biggest moments in our lives.  And graduating from high school and college definitely count as big moments, so don't forget to give your grad a bouquet!

Not sure what to give?  Well, here are some of our suggestions based on flower meanings (though you could always send a Florious Designer's Choice bouquet and let us worry about the flowers for you!)

  • Yellow Roses - They signify new beginnings and joy
  • Peonies - They signify a happy life and good health (check them out in our Madama Butterfly bouquet) 
  • Alstroemeria - They signify wealth, prosperity and fortune (which could all come in handy when it's time to repay those student loans!)
Interested in learning more about flower meanings?  Head over to the Flower Expert.

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