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November 29, 2018

How do I Make My Monthly Flower Delivery Last Longer? – Ask a Florist

How do I Make My Monthly Flower Delivery Last Longer? – Ask a Florist

Change the Water Frequently

Put your monthly flower delivery in a vase filled with clean water as soon as you can, and always keep the vase filled with clean water. Change your water every day, to every other day. If the water looks cloudy, you've waited too long! That means there is bacteria growing in your vase that will shorten the life of your bouquet. All Florious bouquets are hand-tied, so they make it easy to change the water in your vase without compromising your bouquet's design.


Keep your Flowers Cool

If you want your monthly flower delivery to last as long as possible, we recommend not placing it on top of or next to a heat source like a radiator, heat vent or stove. If you keep your bouquet relatively cool, it will last much longer!


Maintain the Deadheads

Don't be afraid to pluck any blossoms that Are at the end of their vase life out of your bouquet and/or remove any greenery that is below your water line. Doing both will help to increase your bouquet's vase life.

So there you have it - our best tips for helping  your monthly flower delivery to last a long time! We pride ourselves on using only the best quality flowers and foliage, so with proper care, your flowers should last at least 5-7 days! Why not set up a subscription or order a bouquet today and see for yourself?

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