January 09, 2017

Valentines Day Top Ten: Gifts to Give With Your Florious Flowers from Jersey City Businesses

Valentines Day Top Ten:  Gifts to Give With Your Florious Flowers from Jersey City Businesses

Flowers are the essential Valentines Day gift, but if you're looking for something to give along with a Florious bouquet, we've put together a list of our top ten local suggestions!

  1. MORE FLOWERS!  A Florious subscription is is the perfect way to show that special someone you still care once Valentines Day is over.  We offer customized recurring deliveries, so that you can choose a bouquet size and style as well as delivery frequency (our most common are weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.)  Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with scheduled subscription deliveries cancellable up to 5 days prior to your scheduled delivery date.  By subscribing, you also save 10% on every bouquet we deliver in your subscription!  Click here for more information on Florious subscriptions! Florious Bouquet
  2. A LITTLE BEAUTY AT AN AWESOME SALON: Tousled Hair Salon  is an Aveda salon with tons of personality!  Located downtown, owner Rita and her fabulous, friendly staff specialize in hair straightening and Aveda color.  They also give amazing haircuts, do facial waxing, stock an array of Aveda products and even  offer henna tattoos!  For more information, click here. Hair
  3. SOMETHING SWEET:   Everything they do at Jersey City Sweets is made fresh to order, just the same as Florious bouquets!  They don't create anything that just sits in a case, instead waiting for your order before cracking a single egg or measuring out any sugar. Jersey City Cookies
  4. SOMETHING CAFFEINATED:  Is your Valentine a coffee connoisseur or a caffeine fiend?   Modcup  offers something for every coffee lover.  99% of all coffee is served stale - Modcup is the 1%.  They buy the highest quality Arabic coffee from all four corners of the planet and then roast it right here in Jersey City.  For more information, click here.modcup
  5. SOMETHING UNIQUE:  Kanibal & Co. is a lifestyle store located in downtown Jersey City that carries a rotating collection of vintage furniture, found objects, home decor, apparel and gift items. They also collaborate with local talent to produce an apparel, home goods and paper products. The shop also holds monthly craft classes taught by local artists. Check out their site here to find something as unique as your Valentine!                                                                                              k&co
  6. SOMETHING TO READ:  WORD Bookstore downtown is an independent neighborhood bookstore.  Check out their top ten here if your'e looking for a book to give to your Valentine.  They also have a variety of paper goods - this Marimekko journal is one of our favs!  journal
  7. A LITTLE LUXURY:  LOVE, LIESEL is a Jewelry, Apothecary and  Home Goods Shop in downtwon Jersey City. 60% of their items are designed and handcrafted in house, and they offer customers the chance to customize their jewelry.  They focus on handmade and unique high quality items, their stones are conflict-free, and fair trade is of the utmost importance. They also carry vegan apothecary lines such as, Dirty Dude, Wertz Natural, The Fat and the Moon, West Third Brand and Miss Violet Lace.necklace
  8. SOMETHING CHEESY: Van Hook Cheese & Grocery is a family-owned cheese and specialty grocery store located in downtown Jersey City.  They focus on high quality, local products and also offer cheese-related classes and events.  Sign us up!          cheese
  9. SOMETHING FRESH:  Taproot Organics Chef / Owner Daniel Grunes uses his culinary expertise to create skin-quenching personal care for men, women, and kids using high quality organic ingredients found in the best kitchens. Infused Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Botanicals, Herbs, and Butters are whipped into Skin Food.  Check out their amazing products here!  soap
  10. SOMETHING ALCOHOLIC:  Nothing says "I Love You" like flowers and a subscription to the Cool Vines wine or beer clubs - either would be an awesome gift for your Valentine!   Click here for more information.                                               wine
Happy shopping!  We'll be accepting orders for Valentines Day deliveries until Wednesday, February 8th, so don't wait until the last minute!


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    December 10, 2016

    The Florious Difference: Fresh Luxury Flower Bouquets

    The Florious Difference: Fresh Luxury Flower Bouquets

    Tired of seeing the same standard flowers offered by online florists?  Frustrated with flower arrangements that that don’t come out the way they look in the pictures?  Puzzled about how to arrange a bunch of flowers delivered loose and laying down in a box?  It’s time to try Florious!  We select only the best varieties of luxury flowers seasonally available and design bouquets to highlight the colors, textures and scents of the gorgeous flora.  We hand-tie each bouquet and deliver it to you in the upright position and ready to place in a vase. 

    What do we mean by “luxury” flowers?  Florious uses higher grade varieties of flowers.  We are not convinced that a rose is just a rose!  Our experts know the wide variety of roses available from all over the globe.  The sizes, shapes and colors vary significantly.  We carefully consider the size and life-expectancy of flowers to find beautiful flowers that will last.  That translates into beautiful bouquets that will last at least a week in the vase when cared for properly. 

    With our studio located in Jersey City, New Jersey, across the Hudson River from Manhattan, Florious has access to a wide variety of flowers from all over the world.  We can be found in the very early morning hours prowling through the New York flower market to find the best blooms available.  Our chief floral officer, Melissa, uses her deep experience with flowers and discerning clients to select only the best.  She curates the selection to create beautiful bouquets with unique combinations of flowers to delight even the most sophisticated client.

    Because we promise to deliver only the freshest flowers, we do not maintain large inventories like most traditional florists.  Florious sources the best flowers just-in-time to create the bouquet you want.  That means you need to provide us at least five days advance notice.    We know you plan events like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and gift-giving (even for yourself) in advance, so we ask that you let us know as soon as you know what you want.  We don’t charge you until five days before delivery when we acquire your luxury flowers.   It’s worth it to get the very best!

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    October 27, 2016

    Delivery - How it Works

    Delivery - How it Works

    The Florious Delivery Difference

    We ship beautiful bouquets of exceptional quality throughout the northeast in our signature box via FedEx one-day shipping.  How does this separate us from other online florists?  

    Well, the major difference is that our bouquets arrive already designed and upright in our signature box.  This means that you can remove your bouquet from our packaging and place it right into an appropriately-sized (water-filled) vase assured that it will look beautiful from every angle!  There is no need for you to clean or arrange the flowers yourself; let our expert designers do the work so that you don't have to!  

    Right-sized vases for every bouquet size that we offer are available for purchase on our website and shipped in the same box as your bouquet.  Buy a vase just once, and know that every future bouquet you purchase in the coordinating size will fit every time.

    Your Delivery - What to Expect

    Your order will arrive in our signature box, delivered via FedEx Ground or Home Delivery.  Saturday delivery is currently only available in the Jersey City area.  We ship our bouquets wrapped in a 100% plant-composed, biodegradable floral hydration stem-wrap.  Bouquets stay hydrated for several hours when left with a doorman or on a porch away from the elements, if you are not at home or in your office when they arrive.  Our signature box also has a pop-out handle.  You can have the flowers delivered to your office for you to take home with you, or take the boxed bouquet to an event for gifting.

    Instructions for unpacking your bouquet are included in the box with your flowers, along with flower food and a vase if you purchased one.  Please read the instructions before unpacking your bouquet, as unpacking it improperly can damage your flowers.

    Once your bouquet has been removed from its packaging, place it into a vase with water and flower food and enjoy!  Our flowers typically last 5-7 days when placed in a temperate location and given plenty of fresh water, with many flower varieties lasting even longer than that!

    Florious is dedicated to bringing beauty into your life with curated luxurious bouquets ready for you to enjoy right out of the box.  Check out this month's bouquets on our product page!


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