Our Story

Florious Team

At Florious, we love working with the most beautiful, freshest flowers to create gorgeous bouquets that we know are going to brighten someone’s day and build special memories. That’s our mission in life. Our head designer, Melissa, fondly remembers a thoughtful boy showing up for a date with a beautiful bouquet of hyacinths—not the usual bunch of standard flowers grabbed at the grocery store. To this day, the scent of hyacinths takes her back to that cute boy standing at the door and makes her smile.

One of the challenges of the flower industry is that flowers are seasonal. So Melissa hand picks and designs bouquets based on the very best varieties available at the flower market each month. She takes the time to find the special textures, colors and scents to help you create an amazing memory with the people you love. Opening the door to a home, business or office and catching the scent of beautiful flowers in the Spring or evergreens in the Winter will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Prior to starting Florious, Melissa worked with the rich and famous providing flowers for events, homes and businesses. She saw clients walk into their homes or events and immediately be delighted at the sight of beautiful blooms no matter how stressful their days had been. Melissa was especially inspired by the impact of always having fresh flowers in a home and felt strongly that everyone should be able to enjoy that experience. To help make your home someplace special, Melissa came up with the idea of an online floral subscription that brings the best seasonal handcrafted gorgeous flowers to your home every week.

Besides subscriptions, Florious also provides one-time bouquet deliveries perfect for creating a beautiful memory with a loved one. All of our bouquets are shipped using our patent-pending box that protects your bouquet in an upright position. For about the same price as a traditional florist would charge to hand-deliver a common bouquet, we ship luxury bouquets and vases throughout the Northeast United States. How are we different from other online florists? Our flowers arrive already designed in a hand-tied bouquet—ready for you to remove from our packaging and place directly in your vase.

Freshest flowers, beautiful bouquets, and thoughtful packaging—you’ll love sending and receiving our bouquets as much as we love doing all the work that goes into bringing them to you. Check out this month’s bouquets or set up a subscription today and start living Floriously!