What Makes Our Bouquets Unique

We're the first to admit that Florious is a unique kind of florist.  Our design studio is in Jersey City, New Jersey, and our storefront is entirely online.  But don’t confuse us with those typical national online florists!  We work directly with you to design and deliver long-lasting, hand-tied bouquets of luxury flowers from our curated collections to homes and offices in the Northeastern U.S.

To ensure that our bouquets are the epitome of freshness, every flower for each order is sourced specifically for you.  We expertly process the flowers and foliage as soon as they arrive in our studio, arrange and hand-tie your bouquet, then get it out the door and on its way to you!  We never pull from a stock of older flowers, which means that all of our bouquets will last for at least five days in a vase of fresh water.  You need to order 5 days in advance, but we promise you that it’s worth the wait!

When it comes to our designs, we're obsessed with texture here because it really heightens the beauty of Florious-designed bouquets.  We offer several bouquets with unique and interesting combinations of luxury blossoms, bold foliage like camellia branches, herbs, and accents such as thistle.  We also use high-grade flowers, such as roses with a larger head and thicker stem, which not only provides great impact, but contributes to a long vase life.  Once you receive or send a Florious bouquet, you’ll never go back to those middleman online florists again!  

Why wait until your next occasion?  Check out our current collection of luxury, hand-crafted bouquets today!